The Viper Room

The Viper Room is the priciest room in your head. By pricey I mean that admission to this room costs you more in peace of mind, anxiety, and sleepless nights than nearly anything else you will ever do. One of the good things about the Viper Room is that it’s...

The “I Am Canvas” Part 1

This is the first of a Four-Part explanation of what I call the “I Am Canvas.” Contained in this series are suggestions about how to use this idea to improve your life experience. The first part includes a “fictional  depiction” of this concept...

Becoming a “Spiritual Ninja”

Many years ago, and under a pseudonym, I wrote a series of novels about ninjas. To prepare for writing the books I did considerable research. One thing that stuck with me was that when a ninja walked into a room, he was supposed to look for–and see–10 ways...
ph fav 2-10-16

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