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randy's bookRandolph Winters

The Pleiadian Mission

Randolph Winters is the author of The Pleiadian Mission, an investigative report on the UFO contacts of Eduard Billy Meier in Switzerland. With over 15 years of experience he is considered an expert in the field of UFO phenomena. This bestselling book reached top 10 in the New Age Book category in sales and sent him on a seven year promotional journey of talk radio shows, including the Art Bell Show, local and national TV shows, NBC UFO special, a Fox UFO Special and Strange Universe. He was the creator of the first UFO Expo in Los Angeles and has been a headline speaker at hundreds of UFO Conventions, Expos, book clubs, and bookstores..

His latest endeavor is a Vampire trilogy loosely based on the Ancient Astronaut theory, only this time the books are all fiction. He has created Vampire Victoria, a modern day super-hero that will defend the earth against some very debased vampires from the planet Baku that are intent on turning the earth into a blood farm to feed their own world.

He has also written The Winters Plan, his idea on how to change the political and economic structure of the world that will lead us into the kind of future we would all like to live in.


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