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Do you ever find yourself frustrated that the “spiritual” things you’ve been reading about or working on don’t seem to work when you need them most?

Do you ever find that the good feelings of peace and confidence you felt during a weekend seminar seem to fade away7 soon after you get back to the daily grind of the “real world”?

You are not alone. In fact, this is the experience of most people taking seminars, reading spiritual books and generally trying to improve the quality of their lives.

Such experiences lead people to frustrating and often erroneous conclusions. The most common conclusions are that what they’ve learned doesn’t work or that they are too weak to make it work.

Let me comment on the last point first. If I were to take a weekend seminar on how to run a marathon, even though I wasn’t in good enough shape to run a quarter of a mile, I might become very discouraged over the following week when, no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to run 26 miles. I might conclude that I was too weak to ever accomplish the task. The truth is that people have to train for a marathon. They have to run a mile before they run a 5k; to run a 5k before they run a 10k, so on and so forth. Whenever you learn something new, you have to practice it for a while to get good at it.


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