man rolling coinThe first thing I do when someone asks me for business advice is ask, “What are you assets?” Essentially what do you already have? I usually have these conversations with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, but I ask the same question of someone just starting out, or someone whose business is in trouble. I know whereof I speak. My own business has thrived during the very same years (2008 through the present, 2013) that many businesses have gone under.

Everyone has something, some assets. Whatever you have, whatever your assets (not just money and property), you need to determine the most effective way to put them to work.

Once you determine what your existing assets are, you essentially know where you’re at. Then you need to develop a plan; to know “how to get to where you want to go, from where you’re at.” If you don’t accept and understand where you’re really at now, what you really have now, and make peace with that, you will constantly be focused on the distance between where you are and where you want to go. You will be focused on lack and maybe even failure. Understanding this basic concept is just common sense.

I truly believe that you create your life experience from the thoughts you think. I’ve seen this simple truth proven again and again. Not only my business life, but in every aspect of my life. What do you think about most? Success or failure?

People who expect to see opportunities in their lives, will see them. People who “know” that life sucks, that life is random, and that it rarely works out for them, may be surrounded by the same opportunities as the person who expects to see them, but the pessimistic person will simply not see them. Opportunities will become invisible. This is not a metaphysical idea; it’s is just common sense.

Whatever your point of view about politics, money, relationships, you name it, people generally scan the daily flow of information from TV, radio, the Internet, their conversations with friends and co-workers, daily encounters with strangers, and then tend to choose the data or experiences that reinforce what they already think. If you believe that life is getting worse and that there are no opportunities out there, guess what? You will scan the information landscape and choose data that makes you right. And if you really believe that there are opportunities out there for you, you will see them. Your developed ability to choose your thoughts is the “power tool” with which you construct success.

While it may be prudent to conserve and proceed with caution in the “New Economy,” it is counterproductive to be afraid. Fear has a tendency to freeze people from taking action, and actions taken out of fear often lead to more problems than they solve.

Furthermore, since life has a tendency to be shaped by the thoughts we think, thoughts of fear often produce a life full of fear. This tends to shrink your prospects and opportunities, leading to a life experience that is the exact opposite of what you prefer.

I think most people understand that there is more to success than money. But equally important is the following truth: Money is not the most important thing, but it is not unimportant.

— Bobby G., Atlanta Ga., owner/founder of multi-million dollar international furniture refurbishing company

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