cathedral cover rorating widgetThis is the first of a Four-Part explanation of what I call the “I Am Canvas.” Contained in this series are suggestions about how to use this idea to improve your life experience. The first part includes a “fictional  depiction” of this concept excerpted from my novel, Cathedral of the Senses. Even though it is fiction, I believe it describes the concept in a clear, even inspirational, manner.

Part 1:  Brief Explanation of The “I Am Canvas.” BONUS: “I Am Canvas” Scene from the Cathedral of the Senses novel

Part 2: The “I Am Canvas” – Filling in the “I Am…(blank)

Part 3: Evidence of Change

Part 4: Combining “Evidence of Change” and the “I Am…(blank)”


Part One

Brief Explanation:

The “I Am” part of the I Am Canvas is essentially what you truly believe. That is, the prism of beliefs through which you view “What Is.” For example, “I am angry.” “I am frustrated.” “I am in a good mood.” “I am in a bad mood.” “I am smart/stupid.” “I am fat/thin.” “I am talented/not talented.” “I am rich/poor.”

The “canvas” part of the I Am Canvas is the physical universe, what we perceive, the Field, the Magic Screen, the Matrix. There are many names for it.

If the gauge of a masterpiece is perfection, then your life, your I Am Canvas, is an utterly stunning masterpiece because it is always a perfect representation of what you truly believe.

Most people who encounter this idea for the first time, say “I’m a spiritual person, or at least I try my best to be, and my life is nowhere near perfect.”

Those same people offer proof as to why life sucks or is, at the very least, quite imperfect. In fact, they can prove exactly why life sucks. They cite articles, quote stock market prices, produce medical data, direct me to “smart people” on radio, TV, in books and on websites who can back up all their beliefs about why life sucks.

Which proves my point.

What you’re showing me is what you honestly believe to be true. You’re showing me proof that you’re right.

What you’re really showing me is that the picture of your life (the canvas upon which your beliefs are projected) is accurate in every detail. So while you’re right–that your life sucks–it also proves my point that your life is a perfect reflection of what you truly believe.


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