The “I Am Canvas” Part Three

book-and-shining-starsIdeally, when you want to be “in the Now Moment” completely, leave the I Am… blank empty. However, most people continue to fill in the I Am… blank with something, almost always by default and based on current beliefs—most of which they are completely unaware.

It is important to understand the mechanics of filling in this blank. It is common for people to use “wish fulfillment” when they purposely fill in the blank. Like “I am…rich,” or “I am…thin,” when they are neither. As they continue to make such declarations and continue to see evidence to the contrary, people become discouraged or can even conclude that the “I Am process” doesn’t work or doesn’t even exist.

When you fill in the blank after “I Am,” tell the truth and use Evidence of Change to accelerate the process in a direction you wish to go. Evidence of Change is merely “proof” that things/life situations are moving in the “right” direction. For example, instead of saying “I Am rich,” you might say, “I’m attracting a better financial life situation. Getting two checks in the mail this week out of the blue is evidence that things are moving in the right direction.” Instead of saying, “I Am thin,” you might say, “I’m getting thinner every day. The fact that today I was able to get into a pair of pants I wasn’t able to get into for nearly a year is evidence that things are moving in the right direction. Two people have told me I look better and healthier. This is evidence that things are moving in the right direction.” You get the idea.

Why is this so important and beneficial? First, you’re telling the truth, so when you look at your life you see these things are actually happening. When I say that you’re telling the truth, this is important because this Evidence of Change process is one way through which beliefs are changed. You don’t change what you really believe by chanting wishes, then opening your eyes and seeing no change. But you really do change beliefs when you acknowledge true Evidence of Change. Because it’s true, it’s really happening! You don’t hope things are going to change. You don’t wish they would change. You actually see the change in process. You see evidence, indisputable proof that your life situation is changing. Now.

cathedral cover rorating widgetSecond, when you focus on, acknowledge and appreciate these benchmarks of actual change, you start to feel the changes in your life situation. At this point the rate at which change occurs begins to accelerate because your improvement—the attracting of what you desire—is clearly evident. It’s happening. Whereas the change you seek may not be fully manifest, the process of manifestation is clearly taking place. Why? Because your beliefs about your life situation have actually changed. You are literally looking at life differently. You start perceiving your life situation differently. You view yourself differently. Not because of wishful thinking or hope, but simply because it’s true. When you look at your life situation and yourself now, you see plenty of evidence to support your new or altered beliefs. When you scanned your life situations before, with previous limiting beliefs and perceptions, you observed a life situation that conformed to those limiting beliefs. Unconsciously, without thinking, you looked for and saw evidence that your old beliefs were true. Now when you scan your life situations (through a prism of new or altered beliefs based on observable proof), you see evidence to support a very different, improved view of your life situations and of yourself.

One reason an acceleration of manifestations begin to take place is that you’re “vibrating” at a higher frequency. Okay, I know that sound a little whacky. What I mean by this, in obvious, common sense language, is simply this: Your emotional tone rises from levels of fear, hopelessness, and despair to hope and excitement. Most psychologists acknowledge the existence of a naturally occurring emotional tone scale (an example of this are the “stages of grief” people go through after a serious loss). When you feel depressed and hopeless, you dwell emotionally at the lower end of this emotional scale. You often observe yourself as a pile of hopelessness lying on a couch with a TV remote in hand.

As you begin to prove to yourself that you and your life situations are actually changing, you can literally see your emotional tone rise and your level of action kick into a higher gear. Your ideas and your actions move at a quicker pace. There is nothing metaphysical about the fact that your life begins to change more rapidly when your emotional tone rises and you take more action. It’s merely logical.

And observable as you make looking for—and expecting to see—Evidence of Change a lifetime habit.

(Note: This is a process often best kept to yourself. Beliefs are “very important” things to most people and, when you choose not to share one of those beliefs—particularly ones that people consider important between the two (or more) of you—you may encounter resistance. For example, if you belong to a group that believes the world is flat and now you’ve seen photographs you believe to be real that show this is not true, you may choose not to share your revelation with others initially, or ever. It is not necessary for you to get everyone else to share your beliefs. It is not necessary for others to be enlightened or happy, in order for you to feel better. Though this may sound callous, it is actually the opposite. The chances of helping others and influencing them to feel better is dramatically enhanced when you feel better yourself.)

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