bible sunsetOver the years, I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I’ve meditated regularly–off and on (LOL).

But during that approximately 20-year period, the same things seemed to work. Over and over. By themselves, they’re not remarkable and you’ve probably done all of them at one time or another. One day I sat down and made a list of “WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR ME.”

I make To-Do Lists every day. A few months ago I decided to put my list of  “What Actually Works For Me” at the top of every To-Do List. In fact, I’ve created a template so that every To Do List automatically has this list at the top of the page. By “works” I mean that when I do these things I’m happier, more productive, and of more benefit to myself and others. 

I don’t do everything on my list every day, but I do all of them at some point during the week. And having this list at the top of my daily To-Do List serves as a reminder so I don’t let the daily grind distract me from lessons learned. And earned.

I also make the things on my list “doable.” By that I mean that I might not have time to read or listen to an inspirational CD or digital download for an hour. So I’ll listen while I’m in the car on my way to pick up the kids from school, or while exercising.

Anyhow, this simple list has made my life easier to manage and I’m happy to share it with you. (As they say, “results may vary”; you might add or delete things from the list, or have an entirely different list.)

Tools for a Happy Life

I know that if I do these things regularly I will be happier, more in the moment, more productive and of more benefit to those around me.

  • Read an inspirational book or blog
  • Listen to (or watch) an inspirational CD/DVD or digital download
  • Meditate. This is my “mental gym.” Working out here helps strengthen my ability to choose better thoughts and actions, even in challenging situations. Especially in challenging situations.
  • Journal
  • Focus on my Purpose throughout the day. Make that a prism through which I see my life. This helps me choose and filter thoughts and actions.
  • Remember that my “point of power” is in the moment. Now. In the Present.
  • Remember that life is less “fated events set in stone,” and more a “field of probabilities.” These probabilities–what I experience as real life–are determined by the choices I make. And my choices are determined by my beliefs.
  • Exercise. Get the endorphins flowing.

— Hamilton C., Los Angeles, Ca


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